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Premarital Coaching

Premarital Coaching

“Incompatibility is not only grounds for marriage it is the opportunity to create a great marriage.”

“Conflict is Growth trying to happen.”

- Harville Hendrix


Congratulations!! If you are a couple looking to get married and are considering premarital coaching, you are an insightful intelligent couple who recognizes that making relationship work and last is complex and challenging.


It takes work and intention to make a relationship fulfilling and long lasting. When the initial passionate attraction that drew you to each other winds-down personality differences emerge.

Relationship skills of healthy communication are required to address real daily life issues. Lacking understanding and knowledge of healthy relating, renders us to depend on what we learned as children about relationship.

Some of those behaviors/reactions/attitudes and beliefs often do not fit into your adult relationship with your partner. Consequently, you will experience conflicts, disappointment and hurts that often lead to break up and divorce.

Do not wait to experience marital problems.

Enroll in premarital coaching now!

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Premarital Coaching focuses on basic core issues affecting all relationships. Lacking the right knowledge and skills, may cause future marital conflicts ,unhappiness ,infidelity, loss of desire and possible trauma.

Premarital Coaching is focused on the following key topics but not limited to:
  • Communication skills
  • Attitude toward money and money management
  • Children and parenting issues
  • Sexual intimacy and romance
  • Skills to help maintain passion in a long lasting relationship
  • Religion
  • Future mutual goals
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Premarital Coaching sessions require you to commit to a minimum of four sessions. Each session will focus on coaching you with new skills.Preexisting emotional or relational issues may emerge during these coaching sessions that might require additional sessions to resolve.
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