Discernment Counseling

 You are unhappy and feeling ambivalent  about the future of your marriage, whether you are the "leaning in" partner on the" leaning out" partner, I can help  you resolve your uncertainty, and gain clarity whether your future is  better staying and working on the marital changes or whether you will you be better off leaving and moving on with your life? 

Discernment Counseling.  

  Discernment counseling is not Marriage Therapy. Rather, it is structured counseling process with a specific goal of getting to the bottom of what went wrong in the marriage and  focused guidance and support to  help arrive at  well thought through decision for the future of the marriage.

 This is an opportunity to pause and stop the fighting, distancing, and building of resentments. It is getting together to assess whether we can create a new marital contract within which we will both be happy.

  Discernment counseling process consists of five (5) sessions.

  In a safe professional environment during both individual and joint sessions, you and your partner  will be able to tell your story, share your feelings and thoughts regarding the marriage,

The discussions will shed light into each one of your experiences in this marriage, your frustrations and disappointments, unmet needs and desires all of which  culminated in bringing the marriage to the brink of divorce. Each will have the opportunity to truly understand the reasons for your partners’ hurt and unhappiness.

   We will explore in depth the ramification of three possible path for the future of your marriage;

  • Staying in the relationship despite your unhappiness.
  • Divorcing
  • Giving the marriage a last chance by engaging in intensive relational therapy where you will acquire new relational skills, work on the changes you each has to make in order to create a NEW Marriage.

  The final session will focus on the path you agreed on for the fate of your marriage You will receive appropriate recommendation as to how to best proceed with the decisions you made.


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