Second Generation Voices: Reflections by Children of Holocaust Survivors and Perpetrators 
Edited by Naomi Berger and Alan Berger 
Children of survivors and perpetrators of the Nazi Holocaust share their personal experiences growing up with their parents. These intimate stories demonstrate the multi-generational transmission of trauma and points to the use of dialogue between children and parents, and between the two second generation groups as a necessary step toward personal and social healing.

Parenting From The Inside Out by Daniel Siegel M.D and Mary Hartzell M,E.d. 
Child Psychologist Daniel Siegel and early childhood development expert Mart Hartzell explore the extent to which childhood experiences actually so shape the way we parent. They explain that interpersonal relationships impact on the development of the brain. The authors offer parents a step by step approach to forming a deeper understanding of their own life stories which will help them raise compassionate and resilient children.

Getting The Love You Want by Harvill Hendrix 
This best seller book, by Harvill Hendrix PhD Has helped many couples attain more loving, supportive, and deeply satisfying relationships. The book helps couples learn the way relationships work and presents helpful skills that replace criticism with healing process of mutual growth and support.

Giving The Love That Heals by Harville Hendrix P.h.D         
This book provides a new understanding of the most profound love of all, helping parents nurture their own development as they encourage emotional wholeness in their children. By resolving our own childhood issues, we, can achieve a conscious, and healthier relationship with our children regardless of their age.

Making Marriage Simple by Harville Hendrix P.h.D 
This book describes a road map to building a strong marriage in the modern world. Hendrix lists ten essential truths to create a successful and satisfying relationship.

Loving What Is by Byron Katie 
In this book, Byron poses four questions that, when applied to specific problem, enables you to see what is troubling you in an entirely different light. As Katie says, “it is not the problem that causes our suffering it’s our thinking about the problem.”

Mothers -Daughters, Fathers – Sons by Verena Kast         
This book explores and clarifies the complexity issues of mothers-daughters and fathers- sons relationships so that we can ultimately free ourselves from their negative impact and in so doing we can gain happiness and independence and form better close relationships with others.

The Five Languages of Love by Gary Chapman 
Dr. Gary Chapman guides couples in identifying, understanding, and speaking their spouses primary love language in: quality time, words of affirmation, gifts, acts of service, and physical touch. By learning the five languages, couples will discover their own unique love language and learn practical steps in truly loving each other.

The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook by Edmund J. Bourme 
This book is packed with the effective skills for assessing and treating anxiety, specific phobias, panic attacks, obsessive-compulsive disorders, and other anxiety related issues. The book can be used alone or as a supplement to therapy to help you develop a full arsenal of skills for quieting worried thoughts and gaining control.

How To Survive the Loss of a Love by Peter McWilliams 
A helpful book on the subject of loss includes the author own experiences as well as psychological and medical advances in the treatment of loss.

Grieving The Loss Of Someone You Love: Daily Meditation to Help You Through The Grieving Process by Raymond Mitsch and Lynn Brookside 
This book is a series of thoughtful daily devotions, shares wisdom, insight and comfort that will help hurting people through and beyond their grief

How Can I Get Through To You by Terrence Real 
Real sees the American culture as deeply entrenched “psychological patriarchy” that devalues all things feminine, including a healthy relationships and wounds males at an early age by disconnecting them from their emotional selves and the ability to connect emotionally with others. “Men cannot relate and women can’t teach them”, concludes Real. Further more, if a wife might put her marriage on the line if she insists that her emotional needs are met. Through skill building, couples can transcend “our culture’s anti-relational bias” and “move out of Patriarchy into healthy relatedness”.

The New Rules Of Marriage by Terrance Real 
In this book, Real shows women how to master the new rules of “twenty first century marriage” where women are independent and confident and men are emotionally detached and relationally irresponsible. The book offers effective tools to create a truly intimate relationship that both sexes want and deserve – honesty joy and passion.

The Intimacy Factor Rules: The Ground Rules for Overcoming Obstacles to Truth, Respect and Lasting Love by Pia Melody 
Pia Melody shares her wisdom what makes marriages work and why they fail. The information in this book helps diagnose that causes for a faulty relationships- many of them rooted in childhood – and provides tools for readers to heal themselves, enabling them to establish and maintain healthy relationship.

Facing Love Addiction by Pia Melody 
This book sheds light on the dynamics of toxic love relationships and how to let go of toxic love. Melody outlines the debilitating “toxic” patterns played out by love addicts and the unresponsive avoidant to whom they are painfully and repeatedly drawn.

How Can I Forgive You by Janis A. Spring 
This healing book offers step by step concrete instructions that help make peace with others and with ourselves.

After The Affair by Janis A. Spring 
This book offers strategies for surviving and rebuilding the relationship following the violation of trust as a result of an affair.

Getting Past Your Past Take Control of Your Life With Self Help Techniques From EMDR by Francine Shapiro 
Shapiro explains how our personalities develop and why we become trapped into feeling and acting in ways that don’t serve us. Readers will learn to understand themselves and why people in their lives act the way they do. They will also learn techniques to improve their relationships, break through emotional barriers, overcome limitations.

Life Without ED by Jenni Schaefer 
This is a book for individuals who are struggling to overcome an eating disorder. It teaches readers that they can not only separate from their eating disorder but also disagree with and disobey it. This supportive life saving book combines a patient’s insights and experiences with a therapist’s prescription for success to help live a happier and healthier life without ED

Ultra Metabolism by Mark Hyman 
Mark Hyman presents a simple and straight forward explanation of Nutrigenomics – the science of how food talks to our genes. “eat the right foods and send instructions of weight loss and health; eat the wrong foods and send messages of weight gain and disease . Dr. Hyman describes the seven fundamental causes for obesity and shows us how to make better choices for our body and that promote health.

Wired for Love by Stan Tatkin 
Drawing from Neuroscience, attachment theory, and emotional regulation, Stan Tatkin describes different way that we are wired for love with unique habits, needs and reactions. Knowing how you and your partner are wired differently, you can overcome your differences and create a lasting intimate connection.

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