Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders

“With ED, I always pushed away the good and only heard the bad”

- Jennie Schaefer

“You cannot control everything. Your hair was put on top of your head to remind you of that”

- Anonymous

Are you dissatisfied with your appearance?
Do you compare your looks or body to others?
Do you talk negatively about your body?
Do you spend significant amount of time focused on you diet or weight?
Do you exercise for hours at a time for several days a week?
Do you restrict your food?
Do you take diet pills, laxatives, or vomit to avoid gaining weight?
Do you feel out of control with food?
Do you eat when you feel sad, angry or lonely?
Does eating or not eating affect your sense of control over your life?

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Eating Disorder can take different forms. It can be manifested in binge eating, restricting food intake, over eating, eating to avoid experience strong or painful emotions or a general strong dissatisfaction with one’s body. No matter how an eating disorder develops, it is important to get help. Ignoring your problems with eating may lead to serious medical and psychological consequences.

Some facts about eating disorders are:

One in four eating disorder cases is Male.

The most rapidly growing group of individuals with eating disorders are Women in mid life.

Eating disorders do not discriminate between Age, Gender, Race or Class.

No one is immune.

Therapy for Eating Disorders is conducted in individual and, if appropriate, family weekly sessions. You will be referred for a physical exam as well as for a nutritional evaluation as part of assessment and treatment planning.

You do not need to continue suffering – we can help!

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